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Posted: April 26, 2011 in Success Literature
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In the “7 habits of Highly Effective People”, Stephen Covey mentions a research he conducted on success literature development over the years. He identifies two core mindsets or trends during his research and he calls them the “Character Ethic” and the “Personality Ethic”.

For the Character Ethic, he only presents one example. I wish he had given us a couple more examples for further reading. My aim is to compile a list of books, with help, that follow the Character Ethic for my benefit and for others after me. I would appreciate your suggestions very much.

  1. Hi, that is quite a reading list. I have read some of those books: The Hobbit (& all the JRR Tolken books), The Da Vinci Code (& all the Dan Brown books), One hundred years of solitude (Very complex book), Love in the time of Cholera,and Les Miserables.
    I’m not much into the classics, for leisure reading I enjoy more the science fiction genre. My favorite author is Orson Scott Card, I have read all of his books. If you want to add a book to your list; then add Ender’s Game. To me is the greatest space book not made into a major motion picture yet.

    In regards to Stephen Covey, when he refers to Character Ethic, he is referring to how us shouldn’t compromise our integrity for any cause or purpose. You can have success by doing the right thing, they are not mutually exclusive like modern organizations and media portrait them to be.

    Good luck with your reading.

    • paperclip says:


      Thank you for the suggestion of “Ender’s Game”. I will check it up. Of course, the reading list is going to take quite some time to read through. I’ve read most of the books but not with a reviewing mind, which is what I want to do this time around. I keep adding the books I want to read, so that when I’m in need of a book I could always refer my list and not be in want of a book.

      Wish you good luck with your blogging and everything else. Thanks for stopping by.

      Take Care

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